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Mama’s Farmacy is owned and operated by two moms who met in a prenatal yoga class and dreamed about formulating products aligned with their passion for nature, beauty and health.  Christy and Frieda found CBD seeking solutions and knowledge beyond the mainstream and with a dose of rebel spirit, Mama’s Farmacy was born. The company’s mission is to change the stigma around cannabis through information and high-quality products that are effective and beautiful and serve as a springboard for people to question the status quo and find solutions in nature to meet their needs.   

With extreme care and heart, Mama’s Farmacy provides premium hemp products that are thoughtfully sourced and made with organically-grown, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp in the USA. We bring you pure, effective products without the psychoactive effects to nourish the body from the inside out. Our products contain 0% THC to remove any concerns about “getting high” and to provide a gentle introduction to the power of the hemp plant.

Mama’s Farmacy exists at the crossroads of form and function, beauty and efficacy.  We believe hemp extract is the mother of all natural remedies and want to empower our customers to get back to the source of well-being, balance and peace.

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