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Who is Mama's Farmacy?

Who is Mama's Farmacy?

Mama’s Farmacy is two moms who founded and own their business.  We’re proud that we’re a women-owned small business, an exception in the industry.   And we’re proud that our business is personal.  At this unique time in history, we find ourselves questioning what we do and why, what we buy and why, who we buy from, how, and what it all will look like in the long run.  While nobody would ever ask for this pandemic, this “down-time” is creating a different perspective and forcing a re-assessment of values that we hope will drive everyone to be closer and more conscious.  

So who are we?  We (Christy and Frieda) met in a pre-natal yoga class in Orange County, CA in 2017, awaiting the birth of our first children.  There was instant chemistry as we bonded over our values for natural remedies, “real” food, nature, health, yoga, and the list goes on.  We try to live under what we believe: that the body, mind and spirit are one and should be treated as such.  

Christy is a Southern California native while Frieda hails from Berlin, Germany.  Christy has a counter full of products - bottles of all kinds - even though she probably doesn’t need another lotion, potion, cream or perfume for the rest of her life.  Frieda has a kitchen full of gadgets and ingredients to whip together gourmet meals at a moment’s notice in typical European fashion (such a lucky family).   

Why did we start Mama’s Farmacy?  At the core, we seek to share knowledge and the belief that products rooted in nature can be used to maintain and restore health. We believe that treated right, the body can heal itself.  Christy and Frieda both grew up in homes that valued alternative medicine, so when they learned about CBD, they wanted to try it though neither had a background of cannabis use.  The company’s official mission is to change the stigma around cannabis through information and high-quality products that are effective and beautiful and serve as a springboard for people to question the status quo and find solutions in nature to meet their needs.  Both Christy and Frieda value the concept of health freedom defined as “the belief that medicine, as it is practiced in the United States, is a narrowly defined modality and that individuals have the right to seek other forms of health care that may not fall within the definitions and scope of conventional medicine.”  

The name Mama’s Farmacy is a play on words for what we believe hemp extract is - the mother of all natural remedies - and the fact that we are two mamas who started this company largely out of the increased focus on health and wellness prompted by being moms for the first time.  As we are experiencing now on a global level, there are times in life that fundamentally change things. On an individual level, having kids rocked our world and changed us, inspiring us to look at everything through a new lens.  

What we saw in the market at the time were a lot of crunchy brands or medicinal brands or beauty brands, but nothing that really crossed into both function and beauty in an elegant way, with credibility.  

Our Products.  We’re really careful about how we source our products in terms of quality.  We ultimately decided to offer only THC-free products because we figured people would appreciate a gentle introduction to hemp (like us) and we wanted to remove any concern whatsoever about getting high.   Beyond our mission, our goal is always to create products that are first and foremost effective. We use rich concentrations of CBD oil, while maintaining prices that are reasonable, not exclusive.  Then we create formulas we love - pleasing to the senses and fun to use. For example, in researching how to formulate our foot cream, we decided on lemongrass because we fell in love with the smell and, lemongrass happens to be antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral - perfect for foot health.  That line of thinking goes into all of our products.  

First CBD Experiences: Christy started using CBD to treat bad menstrual migraines and PMS.  “I get migraines like clockwork so now I take softgels on a daily basis before my cycle begins which has resulted in no more migraines and drastically reduced PMS symptoms.  The best part about this is that I don't have to endure the side effects of OTC medicines”. Christy also found that CBD was very effective for reducing stress. “CBD is not a high, it just makes you feel like yourself.  Your best normal self.” Frieda started using CBD for sore muscles, back pain and menstrual cramps and was amazed at the relief. She is considering using CBD pain relief during the natural birth of her second child, looking to alleviate some of the pain experienced in the all-natural birth of her first child.  

So that’s a little about us.  We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do. We welcome any feedback:

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