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Who is Mama’s Farmacy? Part 2

Mamas Farmacy Team
We’re back for Part 2 of our first post on the topic of getting to know Mama’s Farmacy.

Get to know more about Mama’s Farmacy, a women-owned, small business started by two moms that offers THC-free, premium hemp extract (CBD) products. Learn what drives us and what’s it like to be CBD business owners on our quest for greater health freedom.

Questioning the status quo - living our mission:

When we have everyday conversations, we naturally gravitate to talking about food and health and of course whatever major topic is going on and we almost always end up having deeper philosophical discussions about the world and the path we are on personally as part of that world.  It is in our DNA - and what drives us day to day - to question the status quo, ask ourselves tough questions and strive to improve.  As of late, we are having discussions about racism, systemic oppression, the role we play and what we want the world to look like for our kids.  Not to mention the discussion about health and wellness in the midst of a global pandemic, but that is way beyond the scope of this post!

Why CBD?

CBD holds a special place in our hearts because it is effective in so many ways. We find CBD’s interaction with the human Endocannabinoid system (ECS) fascinating because CBD allows the body to heal itself, acting as a sort of moderator that provides balance.  We see the potential and want to propel people forward to ask questions and get answers for themselves, as well as understand key policy issues they may be faced with as voters. 

Why Now?

As with many things in life, timing is everything.  The collision of several events came together to introduce us to CBD and inspire us to build a business around it:  hemp becoming legal (Farm Bill of 2018), Christy and Frieda meeting each other in prenatal yoga, our mutual interest in bringing our passion for nature and wellness to life in a bigger way at this particular point in our lives.  Of course, bringing a business to life while raising little humans is crazy-making sometimes but the illogical nature of that timing makes it the perfect time because we are who we want to reach. We embrace the wisdom of moms, a return to nature, and taking personal responsibility to be as healthy as we can be.

What it’s like owning your own business:  The ride of owning your own business is wild.  It’s really fun and gratifying and a lot of work (of course).  We come at it from a place of learning and growing.  In our definition of success, we’ve already won.  We get to have new conversations with new people, we learn, and grow.  Walking through new challenges and new situations is making us stronger and more confident.  It takes a lot to keep going after setbacks and while it’s cliche, it’s absolutely true that you have to just keep going - you get up after you fall down and then you do it again.  

What’s also cool is to see how Mama’s Farmacy becomes its own entity.  While we (Frieda and Christy) are Mama’s Farmacy, it’s also bigger than us, because as we interact with people directly and through our products, the company encompasses all of those interactions and becomes bigger than us.  It’s really fascinating to see how we (the company) and our customers mutually impact each other in a way that broadens Mama’s Farmacy into an entity bigger than us as two individuals.

Finally, we’ve been able to get to know and appreciate each other in new ways.  The biggest ups and downs are in motivation, belief in something bigger, belief in ourselves and having a partner to work with provides that extra lift in spirit that is so often needed when trying something new.  No doubt, we are infinitely stronger as two.

Some reading that inspired us:   

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