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CBD - During Pregnancy, for Postpartum Recovery & While Breastfeeding

CBD - During Pregnancy, for Postpartum Recovery & While Breastfeeding

We’re diving into the use of CBD during pregnancy, CBD for postpartum recovery, using CBD while breastfeeding and the latest research since we’ve received lots of questions!

Note:  the FDA advises against using CBD during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  As such, we do not recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women use it.  Please consult your doctor if you are interested in order to make your own decision.

As recent first-time moms (and one of us a mom-to-be again!), we are keenly aware of the heightened sensitivity toward health while pregnant and/or breastfeeding.  None of us wants to get it wrong so everything is up for inquiry  - food , drinks, beauty products, aromas, medicines - everything!  With this heightened sensitivity, it is much easier to go with the mainstream and scary to go against the grain, we know.

We have faith that one day we will have a great body of knowledge and approved products for  healthy outcomes for mom and baby. We believe that many of the mainstream solutions pose potentially greater risks and more side effects, but we can’t actually make any comparisons or draw conclusions.  

Access to cannabis for research has been difficult and controlled by the government.   Most recent studies address the use of cannabis, including the THC.  We can’t draw conclusions about potential complications caused by cannabis use (like smoking marijuana) apply or not to CBD.  So the official body of knowledge is limited and largely (in our opinion) one-sided.  The impetus for our company is the lifestyle we work hard to cultivate around living a good, healthy life - naturally- and our official mission is to change the stigma around cannabis through information and high-quality products that are effective and beautiful and serve as a springboard for people to question the status quo and find solutions in nature to meet their needs.  We want to push for the story to change, but that requires access to information.  But I digress.

Let’s get back to the fact that using CBD during these sensitive life stages is a hot topic.  Vogue magazine even published an article in July 2019.  The body of guidance available is conflicting.  Regardless, many women have found relief using CBD as they journey into motherhood.  The majority we talk to use topical applications of CBD only (e.g. gels, lotions, creams) because when CBD is applied topically it doesn’t reach the bloodstream but can be absorbed through the skin's surface to interact with cannabinoid receptors.  

So let’s look at some of the most popular applications of CBD during the various stages of bringing a human into the world.  


  • Sore or swollen feet and ankles - We know mamas-to-be using the Premium Hemp Foot Relief Cream to great effect and we can’t get enough of the delicious lemongrass scent.
  • Back pain - Frieda gets a lower back massage nightly with our Premium Salve to relieve her pain and soreness.  
  • Nausea - The gentle scent profile of our Premium Salve is calming and soothing and lavender is known to help reduce nausea. 


This is a big one and many people just won’t go there right now.  I didn’t, but I wish I had.  There is a long history of women using CBD and hemp to induce labor, stop bleeding, to help start the procedure of lactation and ease pain.  CBD oil has been used for relief from cramps and labor pain very successfully. 

I think it’s worth noting  - as someone who got an epidural that stopped my labor progress in its tracks -  that an “epidural is a local anesthetic (derived from cocaine) that is injected into the epidural space (the space around the tough coverings that protect the spinal cord, i.e. the back). Epidurals block nerve signals from both the sensory and motor nerves, which provides effective pain relief but immobilizes the lower part of the recipient’s body.”  And in my case, “immobile” was total paralysis.  It’s also worth noting “there are lots of side effects with using an epidural – low blood pressure, loss of bladder control, uncontrollable shivering, nausea and backache to name a few.”  I can speak from experience to the shivering and nausea that permeated my labor process (awful). “Women are actually turning to CBD to mitigate the stress of the build up to the big needle and many opting for no needle at all.”  I wish I had investigated alternatives at the time, but I simply didn’t have the resources.  Things would be different now.

Again, during this momentous, critical event, we advise working with your midwife and/or doctor to figure out what is best for you.

Postpartum Recovery

While Breastfeeding

Research into how CBD oil interacts with the human body is ongoing, and for ethical reasons, it’s difficult to directly conduct research on breastfeeding mothers and their babies. For now, we’ll stick to the topical products.

  • Lower back, shoulder and neck pain.  Mama’s Farmacy Premium Salve provides relief as your body gets stronger to accommodate your nursing baby.
  • Skin Repair & Hydration - it’s so very easy to get dehydrated when breastfeeding.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and give your skin extra TLC during this time, even if it seems impossible to take the time (or shower for that matter).  We have two products with very neutral, light scent profiles that both heal and hydrate the skin:  Premium Hemp-Infused Moisturizing Pearls and our Premium Hemp Rejuvenating Serum which also contains CoQ10and Hyaluronic Acid.

C-Section Scars/Healing

We’ve heard first-hand that our Premium Hemp Salve has been very effective in relieving c-section scar pain and helping to reduce scar tissue.  Read more about how CBD helps heal scars and relieve scar pain in our blog post here.


In conclusion, there is a lot we don’t know.  So many questions have been left unanswered for a long time due to the legal environment and the scientific community’s limited access to cannabis for research.  For now, we’ll go with the words of some of our favorite authors:  “we believe the cannabis plant will prevail, as it has for at least five thousand years”.  

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  • CannaMommy - we are so inspired by the story and mission of this organization 

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